scattered throughout the land, young agrarian workers circulate in a chaotic constellation and orbit of infinitely-increasing and stochastic proximity. driven by biological, spiritual, political, and external (financial/capitalistic) forces, the young agrarian worker devotes time to systems and structures which offer no devotion to the worker in return. exploited for our vision and deep sense of belief in the politics that birthed us into being, as beings in the world, we are enslaved in wage-labour by our own optimism, and our love for those generations before us which roared of freedom and Black liberation. where many have roared before, we yawn. for boredom with hierarchy, obvious contradiction (hypocrisy by an other name), fictional histories, myths of impossibility and the lies of pragmatism, shame-laden culture of frantic productivity and dysfunction posing as output, we yawn and move on. now we emerge, converge, and build a revolution of deep principle, reality, vision, dream-state, journey and sojourn, militarism, and above all, deep matriarchal wisdom, and reverence it requires. we bow to kiss the earth and leave seeds, 1000 blossoms of defiance and freedom and fearlessly active imagination. 

the young agrarian workers nucleus emerges of equal parts restless commitment and rigorous critique, equal parts hunger and bloat, energy and fatigue. the shadows of the corporate work, those figures shaped by profit, but reject it by name, the non-profit industrial complex, offer no home to vision, audacity, righteous anger, uneasy dialogue, indispensable ideas that contradict and compliment, at one. the complex industry of “non-profit”, feeding the surplus not into the holders of shares but the salaries of the selected, or the singular executives whose direction provides little clarity, reifying class structures between the worker and the manager, those who toil and those who watch, this is not home for dreamers, for radicals, for principled contrarians, for farmers, for those who believe that leadership is itself the residue of sacrifice and work.

a nucleus of the young rejects ageism. youth is a spirit, not an age category. the youthful respect experience and also challenge old patterns, for a will to improve and grow. youth honour our ancestors and also acknowledge the deep imperfection of those who are sanctified by their own sacrifices made for us. a nucleus of the agrarian worships the land and all the elements of the lands constellation: the sun, the sea, the stars feed the soil and in the soil incubate more than life, but the eternal flame which the slowness of terrestrial time surfaces through “matter” and “energy”. a nucleus of the worker observes a devotion to labour as the singular extensity and affect in which the living being can know those embodied metaphysics which we call “love”, “care”, “hope”, “dreams”, “life”: whatsoever is valued, let it be invested into the visible realm through the economics of vigorous motion, and still-ness alike.

praise to the sun, the sea, the soil, the stars. praise to the old and the on-the-way. praise to the sweat-soaked brow, and the discipline of those sitting in deep concentration and thought. praise to the almighty in which all is one. as above, so below. let all that is seen reveal the unseen, as the unseen gives birth to the seen, in no order or ranking but one, yes, and àṣẹ